Object: Café table and dining table
Material: Black or white pigmented ash. Black or red rust steel parts. Brass details.
Measurements (cm): Café Ø 60, H 75. Dining Ø 120, H 75
Year: 2011
Client: KLONG

Description: The table SIGNUM is a stable and solid piece of furniture, adorned with decorative brass details. It comes in two sizes - one is perfect as a dining table, the other is a side or café table. The simple design elements give the table a classic clean and clear graphical nature.

Above the base, a ring in brass is placed, which makes the table both personal and extra luxurious. And as a finishing touch, SIGNUM comes with a brass candlestick, which if desired can be placed on top of the center at the table.

For more information about Signum, please contact Eva Hjertberg at KLONG. Email: eva@klong.se

Download high resolution pictures of Signum here.


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