Object: Work desk
Material: Wood, metal and textile cords
Year: 2013
Measurements (cm): H 72, W 100-300, D 100-140 
Client: Karl Andersson & Söner

, wires and cords. Whether we like it or not, they are part of our everyday life. But maybe we can hide these dreary cables as much as possible by adding even more wires?

HIDE is a work desk with a pillar of metal in polished chrome and elastic textile cords. Via a small outlet in the bottom of the pillar, a power cable can be pulled through to a socket in the wall or floor. This makes the table a functional work, conference, or set of tables with easily accessible power without visible wires.

The table top is available in a number of sizes and shapes: round, square and rectangular. It is also possible to design a table with its own shape and length. By standard, HIDE comes with black, white, gray or red elastic cords with pillar in chrome. The table top is available in veneered oak, birch or ash, white laminate, four stains on oak and in eight colors. Accessories include cable entry.

For more information and pictures, please contact Sara Wadskog at Karl Andersson & SönerEmail: sara.wadskog@karl-andersson.se
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