Object: Bookshelf, sideboard and bed
Material: Wood
Year: 2014
Client: Bellemaison

Description: A set of furniture for the Japanese market. With an often limited living space, it is important that the furniture is multifunctional, and preferable with additional storage. This collection of furniture is therefore designed to combine living, working and resting - all in the same room.

Frame and highlight your books and other items in the bookshelf with decorative wooden boxes. 

Hide your computer, printer and power cords in the multifunctional sideboard that also functions as a desk during work hours. 

Store your favorite things in the headboard of the bed, which is prepared with outlets for cell phone chargers or a bedside lamp.

For more information and high res pictures, please contact Sayoko Inakagi at SORA Corporation. Email: sayoko@aoisora.me. www.aoisora.me
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