Flip Flop

Title: Flip Flop
Object: Hook list
Material: Wood, metall
Year: 2010
Client: Karl Andersson & Söner

A decorative hook list and/or news stand. Use only one or put a number in a row and the formation of a long "lace" will occur on the wall. It's easy to change the expression by flipping hooks up or down. Flip Flop is available with three, six or 14 hooks, black or snow white.

Download high resolution pictures of Flip Flop here (right click and "save target as").

For more information about Flip Flop please contact Karl Andersson & Söner:

Pia Bäck, seller in Götaland, Bohuslän and Värmland
Cell: +46 (0)705-60 27 80, pia.back@karl-andersson.se

Hilkka Hugosson, seller in Stockholm, Mälardalen and Finland
Cell: +46 (0)705-71 03 61, hilkka.hugosson@karl-andersson.se